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Lehrstuhl für BWL III: Marketing & Konsumentenverhalten – Prof. Dr. Claas Christian Germelmann

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Marketing B: Corporate Communication, Media and Marketing

Responsible Unit

Prof. Dr. Claas Christian Germelmann (LS BWL III: Marketing & Konsumentenverhalten)

Contact Person

Contact Person

Learning Contents

Main content areas (non-exhaustive and subject to changes without prior notice): The importance of the media-perspective for marketing; basic terms and the evolution of the advertising- and media-research; advertising- and media effects as parts of integrated marketing communications; moderators and mediators for media effects: engagement, credibility and trust; media as advertising context; classical advertising vs. “below the line”; areas of application for media in marketing; PR strategies and tactics; principles of advertising and media research; media, advertising, and ethics.

Transfer of Knowledge

Interactive lecture (2 SWS), tutorial (1 SWS) - in English language. The interactive elements of the lecture as well as the tutorial support the students’ exam preparation by practical examples, exercises, and case studies.

Recommended Prior Knowledge

Basic knowledge in marketing from the Bachelor-Module F-1 “Grundlagen des Marketing” is presupposed. Good language skills in English are expected.




Graded assessment on the basis of an hourly exam. The exam can be taken in English or German.

Student Workload

  • Active in-class participation: 30h
  • Tutorial: 15h
  • Preparation, revision and exam preparation: 135h
  • Total: 180h

Credit Points


Time Frame

Weekly two-hour lecture, Weekly one-hour or blocked tutorial


Yearly, currently offered in the winter term

Interrelations with other Modules

This module is part of the “Marketing & Services” major

Verantwortlich für die Redaktion: Univ.Prof.Dr. Claas Christian Germelmann

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